Inspired by the Nature

Changan’s design philosophy and strategy is applied in Changan CS55. CS55 is designed and developed by Changan’s European design team, and its shapes draw inspiration from obsidian (Vulcanic Glass)

Hexagonal-shield Grille

The Hexagonal-shield shaped grille combined with a simple and pure surface and sharp cutting lines, give the CS55 a great looking front.

High-quality LED Lamps

The headlamps integrated position lamp, turn signal, and daytime driving light has 22 LED chips, and it’s made in a sturdy thick-walled injection mold.

18-inch Two-tone Stylish Wheel Hub

It’s diamond cut wheel hub has a high-end polished finish.

Dual-colored Floating Roof

The dual-colored configuration makes the floating roof even more extraordinary. The sharp contrast between roof and vehicle body creates a visual highlight.


Cockpit Color Scheme

It uses the contrast between red and black in addition to various metallic embellishments to give a fresh and original look.

35 Storage Areas

CS55 provides practical storage solutions for both drivers and passengers. In total, there are 35 storage spaces, including the trunk, glove compartment box, storage compartments in all doors, and armrest box in the backseat.

Driving Comfort

The driver’s seat has 6-directional adjustment function and lumbar support to make sure all drivers easily can get comfortable and can endure longer trips.

Suspending LCD Screen

The 8-inch LCD control screen has stylish keypads and chrome details. It integrates the in Call system, rear view camera (carried on some vehicle models), panoramic image (carried on more premium models), GPS, ADAS functional switching and other smart technology, thus truly realizing touch-and-go.

Power & Technology

New Blue Core 1.5T DVVT DOHC All-aluminum Alloy Engine

Strong performance and smooth acceleration.
In addition to a turbo,it comes with OAD + an intelligent electric generator, exhaust turbocharger, DVVT and other energy-saving technologies.

Maximum output 115 Kw at 5500 rpm

Maximum torque 225 Nm


Aisin New Manual-Auto All-in-one
6-speed Transmission
Equipped with Aisin new 6AT transmission, CS55 possess advanced gear technology, and offers rapid gear shifts and quick control functions as well as contributes to a strong fuel economy.

Enhanced Four-wheeled and Independent Suspension System

CS55 has the multi-link independent rear suspension system and enhanced Macpherson independent front suspension system. The toe-in, and rear suspension can all be adjusted to ensure the accurately align the four-wheel system. The front suspension has a high-strength lateral stabilization pole that gives excellent turning response

Adaptive Cruise Control

Bosch new MRR evo14 detect vehicles in front of you and automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle, and make sure to keep a safe distance. The cruise control is especially useful for longer trips and will help you to cope with demanding road conditions.

Automatic Parking Assistance

Thanks to an ultrasonic radar, CS55 can park with ease. It can help with all types of parking and makes sure you keep a safe distance to all obstacles around you. The parking is fully automatic, and you don’t even need to touch the steering wheel, and you can monitor it all on the panel in the center console.


Independent Temperature Control

The intelligent air conditioning makes it possible to have different temperatures in different areas. It allows you to independently control the temperature in driving seat, passenger seat and the backseat.

Keyless Entry and Push-button Ignition

The car comes with keyless unlocking function, and the sensor can detect the key 1.2 meters away. Main and passenger doors have touch control, and the vehicle can be started and shut down by easily pressing a button.

Hill Descent Control

Press HDC switch button to control the vehicle speed, so you can to descend the slope safe and steadily.

Hill-start Hold Control

Enhances the maneuverability and makes it easier to go up the slope when using manual gear.


Intelligence and Security
CS55 comes with Adaptive Cruise Control system, Pre-warning Assistant Braking system, Lane Departure Warning system and other multiple intelligent security technologies. The intelligent on-board connection system and the enhanced car design are there to protect you from unforeseen dangers

Pre-warning Assistant Braking

With Bosch new MRR evo14 CS55 will identify front collision risks and trigger a warning before accidents happen. It also has a safe distance reminder, FCW, collision mitigation and other functions. It will alarm you 1.4s in advance and can prevent or mitigate accidents through the alarm and auxiliary braking.

6 airbags

New non-firework airbags have a millisecond response time. A smart safety belt is included to provide all-around protection, and Bosch airbag contributes to the overall passenger safety. All models tested and approved by the International Standards Organization FIX.