Exquisite and Dynamic

High energy, dynamic body
Inherent unique charm, shining from the inside Expressive Grille.
Breaking with traditional 6×6 grille contours, this geometric shape produces a powerful visual impact.

Front Grill

Elegant “petal wing” front fascia gives a bold stance on the road.

LED Headlamps Flickering Functionality

Eado LED headlamps and tail lamps are designed to function uniquely. When the car is unlocked, its lamps will flicker. Wing design LED DRL lights provide sharp and crisp visibility.

17-inch Wheels

Lightweight sports two tone alloy wheels strongly grip the road and provide a sound and steady drive.

Chrome Plated Door Handles

Exquisite detail is provided by chrome-plated door handles which complement the chrome window trim.


Designed in essence with the Chinese courtyard.
The two tone leather interior provides luxury with efficient utility of space.

Multi-function Leather Interior

Multi-function flat bottom leather steering wheel brings driver comfort along with ergonomically designed grip to provide a smooth and joyful ride. Multi function controls allow features such as media & cruise control at the fingertips.

Spacious Driving Space

Carefully crafted leather interior is located with the aspect to provide superior driving space and legroom so that all passengers travel in comfort.

Capacious Trunk Space

Large trunk room provides ample space to meet all baggage needs and also provide space for extra sports gear.

Power & Technology

Aisin Third Generation 6-speed Automatic Transmission

This gearbox has a valve body which uses electromagnetic fuel pumps to facilitate idling start and stop function. It also has a higher hydrodynamic torque converter damping stroke to improve fuel economy by over 8.6%.

1.6L Turbocharged Quiet Engine

Eado is equipped with a Changan 1.6L Blue Core engine developed in accordance with international standards and codes.
With maximum power of 94kW 5700-6200 rpm and maximum torque of 168 N.m 4000-5000 rpm.

Brake Recovery System

Advanced technological 48V energy recovery auxiliary system actively recharges battery while braking to recover lost energy and to utilize power effectively.

Smart Control

Intelligent In-Call 3.0 offers remote access to the vehicle.
Control features like engine start stop, window controls, vehicle entry all through your smart phone.

Panoramic Sunroof

Black glass roof features an electric sunroof.

Rear Camera

Eado comes equipped with front and back camera with drive recording feature.


Air Purification System - Forest Air

Eado is equipped with multiple defensive purification technologies. These include a four-layer strainer with an activated carbon filter element in standard configuration to deeply purify PM2.5 and hazardous substances.

Passenger touch display

Beautifully embedded in the dash board is the passenger touch display, fully equipped with interactive fun which allows to control volume and cabin environment.

Noise cancelling design

The Eado interior serves as mode of relaxation during travel with its specially designed cabin which through rigorous NVH testing provides a calm and pleasing journey.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Vehicle speed automatically adjusts to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. The car in front is detected via Bosch mid-distance MMW radar MRR evo14 which employs Stop/Go function with a working speed range of 0-150 km/h.


Energy Absorbing Chassis

HEEAB high strength energy absorbing frame body with reinforced iron skeleton safe guards passengers and absorbs impact to provide passengers with utmost safety.

High-strength Car Chassis

High-strength steel body facilitates high-strength energy absorption.
Detroits expert level chassis has been tuned to provide an enthusiastic and delightful ride.

6 Airbags

Offering maximum care and protection are six strategically located airbags, with shoulder and side protection.

Electronic Stability Control

Antilock brake system, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control system, electronic stability control system, dynamic brake force, hill-hold control, electronic parking brake, hydraulic brake boost, AutoPlay, and drive away assist can reduce braking distance and ensure car stability in emergency braking, sharp turns, and other emergencies.

Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System

The pressure of each tire is separately monitored for pressure in real time. Driver is alerted if pressure is out of range.