Changan M8 is a tailored 800kg Ton pickup.
With an 8ft by 4.5ft Cargo deck for multi-purpose cargo needs.

2 Tier headlamp

The elegant two tier headlamp homes the halogen head and the indicator turn light in a beautiful seamless design.

8 x 4.5 Ft large Deck

Extensive deck serves as ideal platform to load all types of cargo.

13 Inch Wheels

Commercial grade high rating 13 inch wheels provide strong grip and comfortable drive.

Front fog lamps

Wide angle fog lamps improve visibility in dark and foggy weather.


Comfortably located gear shift lever
Ergonomically positioned steering wheel

Space Grey Interior

Beautifully crafted grey interior embellishes a soothing cabin aura.
The cabin is ergonomically designed and offers same feeling as a sedan.

Stylish Lunar Air Vents

M8 is equipped with four exquisitely designed air ducts for the front compartment.

Fm Radio With Precision Climate Control Knobs

The M8 features an FM radio and ergonomically located climate control knobs so that you enjoy your ride with utmost comfort.

Spacious Seats

The M8 features comfortable seats which are specifically designed to offer stress free ride even on the longest of route.

Power & Technology

1.0L Powerful Engine
M8 comes equipped with the most powerful C10 Engine.
The 1000CC engine delivers amazing performance at all gear outputs.
Specifically configured gears provide maximum torque and optimum speed for cargo carriage.
Maximum output:
68 hp at 6000 rpm
Maximum torque:
92 Nm at 4800 rpm


5 speed manual transmission couples the 1.0L engine to offer smooth and uninterrupted performance throughout.


Front Macpherson struts provide comfortable and sound ride.

Monochromatic Speedometer

Monochrome blue speedometer incorporates speed and revolution cluster along with LCD display of fuel, mileage and trip.

Comfort & Utility

3 side foot steps
800kg Ton payload.

3 Way Opening Deck

Cargo Cage Handles


Three point seatbelt for all seats

3 Point Seat Belts

M8 is equipped with three point seat belts for all passengers.

Cargo Crash Bars

Cargo bars provides structural support to the cabin and also protects the passengers against impact of cargo

Front Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are installed in the front to provide the best brake performance throughout the ride.