New Benni

A compact and sporty car designed by our International teams for the purpose of fun and utility.



Sporty and aerodynamic shape is designed with the energy and drive to meet the demands of the youth. It provides a thrilling and smooth ride to make all travels an adventure.

Wide angle headlamps

Hawkeye headlights have a strong visual impact while also provide wide angle beam dispersion.

Tail lights

Crisp and compact crystal diamond tail lights are vivid and radiant.

Side Profile

Muscular side profile provides charming appearance while also delivering an individual stance that stands out from the crowd.

15-inch Wheels

Lightweight sporty alloy wheels effectively decrease the un-sprung weight and improve comfort.


Spacious Interior

Two tone interior with deluxe fabric seats situated with precision to utilize space effectively and provide luxurious legroom.

Sporty three spoke Steering wheel

Flexible control multi control steering wheel offers features like volume, audio and mode control at your fingertips without having to take your palms off the steering wheel.

Powered Lock and Windows

Centrally powered windows and locks located on the driver’s armrest provide easy locking and unlocking.

Paddle Shifters

Smooth shifting transmission with the fun of paddle shifters to bring riding joy and interaction throughout the journey.

Power & Technology

1.4L VVT Engine
The new generation blue core engine, which engages when revolutions are below 1500 rpm, achieves sustainable and powerful driving force between 2000 and 4000 rpm. Multiple fuel economy features are at work: intelligent engine, electronic thermostat, and a variable displacement oil pump.

Maximum output:
74 kW at 6000 rpm
Maximum torque:
135 Nm at 4000 – 5000 rpmh


Knob controlled transmission features smart way to control the way you drive.

Panoramic Sunroof

Expansive sunroof opens up to excellent ventilation, light, and scenic views. It’s controllable through either electric switch or intelligent voice control.


Retractable Keyfob

Smart retractable key makes easy and comfortable storage in pocket.

Spacious trunk

New Benni has spacious luggage space. Pack all your fun and equipment for the adventurous journey.


3-point Safety Belt

Safety belts in front row feature “fasten seat belt” reminders and pre-tensioning. In the event of an accident, belts will fasten automatically. Front row and middle row safety belts have force limits.

Wide angle side view mirrors

New Benni has wide view side view mirrors which provide clear road visibility and assists the driver while taking turns.