Exquisite and Dynamic

Raeton CC exemplifies Changan’s latest design philosophy by presenting a dynamic, streamlined, and exquisite appearance that features artistic, sculptured trim design.

Expressive Grille

Breaking with traditional 6×6 grille contours, this geometric shape produces a powerful visual impact

Dynamic Body of Double-waistline Design

Designed with proportion, mass, and car body posture in mind, every detail is executed with great care, creating an elegant appearance

LED Headlamps Flickering Functionality

Raeton CC’s LED headlamps and tail lamps are designed to function uniquely. When the car is unlocked, its lamps will flicker.

17-inch Wheels

Lightweight sports two tone alloy wheels strongly grip the road and provide a sound and steady drive.


Spacious Interior
Generous room
Comfortable configuration
Easy to drive

Three Theme Modes

Raeton CC offers three theme modes: ClassicSports, and Technology. You may freely mix and switch between modes according to driving scenarios in double screens

360 Panoramic System

Four ultra-wide angle field cameras capture the vehicle’s surroundings. Being capable of simulating a 360° view of the car’s environment in real time significantly diminishes blind spots for safer lane changing and passing. In addition, auto trigger function is available in emergency scenarios.

Textured Interior

Laser engraved panel conspires with elaborate design to present visual and tactile appeal. Manually stitched interior trim offers soft, natural upholstery, available in brown or cream.

7.2° Screen Tilt

Central console screen tilts 7.2° toward driver seat to prevent glare and strike a perfect balance between driving safety and operational feasibility.

Power & Technology

Efficient and Powerful Raeton CC elevates the driver experience with comfortable seating, stability control, a reinforced independent suspension, and an all-around technical verification system guarantee.

1.5L Turbocharged Quiet Engine

Raeton CC is equipped with a Changan 1.5L turbocharged engine developed in accordance with international standards and codes. With maximum power of 115 kW at 5,500 rpm and maximum torque of 225 N•m at 2,000-4,000 rpm, its turbocharge technology offers ultra-low fuel consumption.

Aisin Third Generation 6-speed Automatic Transmission

This gearbox has a valve body which uses electromagnetic fuel pumps to facilitate idling start and stop function. It also has a higher hydrodynamic torque converter damping stroke to improve fuel economy by over 8.6%.

Reinforced Independent Suspension

Structural strengths such as support on dual-channel damping, C-shaped lateral force compensation spring technology, and flexible connection of better vibration isolation, guarantee four-wheel alignment, outstanding swerving response, and excellent anti-tilting performance. In addition, vibration and road noise is more effectively isolated.

Fuel-saving Start-stop Technology

Engine is automatically turned off and restarted to reduce idling time and associated fuel consumption and emissions. The system also reduces noise and vibration.

Auto Hold

Raeton CC offers Auto-hold in standard configuration which automatically starts and brakes when waiting at a traffic signal or going uphill or downhill.

Panoramic Sunroof

Black glass roof features a 1,611 mm X 1,224 mm panoramic sunroof.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Vehicle speed automatically adjusts to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. The car in front is detected via Bosch mid-distance MMW radar MRR evo14 which employs Stop/Go function with a working speed range of 0-150 km/h.

Lane Departure Warning System

Bosch’s new generation, multi-functional MPC2Plus camera intelligently identifies lane markers and warns the driver via instrument panel image, sound, and vibration, should the vehicle drift out of lane.

Comfort & Utility

Air Purification System - Forest Air

Raeton is equipped with multiple defensive purification technologies. These include a four-layer strainer with an activated carbon filter element in standard configuration to deeply purify PM2.5 and hazardous substances.

Auto Ventilation on Unlocking

When the car is unlocked, the air conditioner will automatically run for 30 seconds of ventilation.

Electric Seats with Memory

Eight-way power-adjustable driver seat and 4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat have heating, ventilation, lumbar support and other functions. When a car door is opened while stationary, its seats will automatically back up 70 mm to create more space for you to enter. As soon as you are seated, seats will return to their previously remembered positions.

Whole-car Volatile Organic Compound Control

This feature covers a full range of eco-friendly requirements for 33 raw materials and 64 spare parts, and green tea fragrance spare parts. It also features Forest Air, an air purification system.


Raeton CC is equipped with a high-strength, rigid car body, electronic stability control, electronic braking, pretensioner seat belts, and other active and reactive safety configurations to provide 360°protection.

High-strength Car Body

High-strength steel reinforces as much as 56% of Raeton CC’s body facilitating high-strength energy absorption. Six airbags create an all-around security bulwark. Pretensioner seat belts offer active protection by holding driver and front seat passenger firmly in their seats at the beginning of a collision.

Pedestrian Protection Design

In the case of a car/pedestrian collision, Raeton CC is designed reduce risk of injury to pedestrian via use of an energy-absorption front end and optimal bumper grille design.

High-quality Chassis

Raeton CC was developed in collaboration with the Changan US R&D Center. Chassis properties were tested and verified for high-quality driving capabilities.

Electronic Stability Control

Antilock brake system, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control system, electronic stability control system, dynamic brake force, hill-hold control, electronic parking brake, hydraulic brake boost, AutoPlay, and drive away assist can reduce braking distance and ensure car stability in emergency braking, sharp turns, and other emergencies.

Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System

The pressure of each tire is separately monitored for pressure in real time. Driver is alerted if pressure is out of range.