New-energy Strategy—”Shangri-La Plan”

In 2020, complete 3 major new energy special platforms.
In 2025, stop selling traditional fuel vehicles and realize complete electrification on all products.
“ Four Strategic Actions”:100 Billion Plan、10000 Staff of R& D、Partnership Plan、Amazing Experience.

New Energy Technology R&D

2 R&D Bases have been established in Chongqing and Beijing.Achievements made in new energy vehicle manufacturing. Changan is capable of manufacturing new energy vehicles and has launched 16 new energy models.In 2017, Changan sold more than 61,000 units of new energy vehicles with a 180.9% year-on-year growth.

Cooperation in new energy applications

In 2016, launched 16 models of new energy vehicles.For full cooperation in building electric vehicle recharging network, operation and new energy vehicle technology.